4 Dishes To Make At Home With Juice Concentrate And Juice Puree

26 April 2021
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You don't need to be a restaurant owner or a professional chef to take advantage of juice concentrates and purees. Even home cooks can get excellent use out of a relationship with a juice puree supplier. Here are some dishes that are simple to make at home with juice concentrate or puree and a few more ingredients:

1. Create delicious smoothie bowls.

Smoothies are a sweet and easy way to get more vitamins into your diet. However, when you find yourself hungry, a smoothie may not be enough to fill you up. That's where smoothie bowls can come in handy. Smoothie bowls are heartier than ordinary smoothies. You can make a smoothie bowl by blending frozen juice puree with a little coconut water. When the puree has reached the consistency of soft serve, pour it into a bowl and top it with your favorite sliced fruits and granola.

2. Serve fruit juice.

Fruit juice is full of vitamins and natural sugars. It can provide you with quick energy when you feel yourself starting to lag in the middle of a tiring day. Luckily, you don't need a juicer to have natural, pure fruit juice whenever you want it. Juice concentrate is easy to use. Simply pour your juice concentrate into a pitcher and add the recommended amount of cold water. Stir it thoroughly and chill it. Fruit juice can be enjoyed with breakfast, lunch, or as an evening treat.

3. Make jellies and jams.

Jellies and jams are perfect when spread across toast or muffins. Some cookies call for jam centers, and there's nothing quite like a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You don't need to resort to store-bought jellies and jams when they're so easy to make yourself with fruit, sugar, and gelatin. If you enjoy the smooth taste of jelly, start with juice concentrate. People who enjoy chunky jam should use juice puree as a base. Simply follow your favorite jam-making recipe to create a spreadable sweet that will last for months when stored properly.

4. Create healthy fruit leather.

Sometimes people crave something sweet. If you're trying to cut down on your candy intake, you can make a delicious replacement using juice puree. Juice puree can be spread on a silicone-lined cookie sheet and placed in the oven to dehydrate. When your juice puree is fully dehydrated, you will have chewy fruit leather that you can cut into strips.

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