The Importance of Choosing Organic Dairy Ingredients

15 September 2020
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People are often focused on eating organic fruits and vegetables. But what about your dairy products? Do you seek out organic cheese, milk, and yogurt? If not, it's worth considering making the switch to organic dairy. Here are a few benefits of doing so.

1. Many pesticides pass into milk.

Since milk does not grow in a field, you may not initially be concerned about the presence of harmful pesticides in your milk. However, milk can and will contain pesticide residues if the cows are fed produce that is riddled with pesticides. Endosulfan sulfate, ethion, and malathion have all been found to pass into the milk. While the research has not entirely been done to determine what effects these substances may have in the human body, there's a pretty good chance they're not very good for humans. By choosing organic milk, you will be limiting your exposure to these pesticides, which will be good for your health now and in the future.

2. Organic dairy supports organic farming of produce.

Organic farming is expensive, and the best way to support the organic farming industry is to simply buy the products produced in this way. Organic dairy farmers use a lot of organic produce to feed their cows, so by buying organic dairy, you are also supporting farmers who grow organic oats, grass, corn, and other cattle feeds. The more people buy organic dairy, the better able these farmers will be to grow and expand their businesses, and the more readily available organic products will become. 

3. Organic dairies put the health of their cows and customers first.

A farmer who takes the time to feed their cows organic feed and seek organic certification for their products really cares, both about their cows and their customers. This type of farmer is more likely to do other things that are good for their animals' well-being and happiness. While there is no guarantee of it, the cows may spend more time outside, be given better vet care, and retired earlier while they are still in better health. The farmers may also adhere to stricter guidelines in terms of sanitation and nutrient content because they really care about the product they are giving to customers.

If you hope for a healthier planet, healthier people, and healthier animals, then buying organic dairy is a good way to support those goals. Look for organic dairy ingredients the next time you need groceries.