Plan Your Holiday Meals Early

6 November 2017
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Remember how busy you were during the 2016 Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? If being busy is a pattern in your life, then you'll probably be swamped again during Thanksgiving and Christmas of this year. And, if you're hosting a party or if you'll be having guests stay in your house, then you'll really be on the go. With that in mind, from pulling out favorite recipes to contacting a meat supplier, here are some ideas for planning your holiday meals early:

Stick To Proven Foods -

While it might be fun to try your hand at new recipes, the busy holiday season might not be the best time to do that. Instead, consider pulling out your favorite tried-and-true recipes to make for this wonderful time of the year.

  • Using your recipes, make a list of ingredients that you need to buy.
  • For example, if you'll be making cinnamon muffins, you'll probably want to look for cinnamon chips.
  • Write down menus that include sides to go with main dishes.
  • For example, if you serve applesauce with pork chops, write that down.

Place Special Orders Early -

Part of the frustration of shopping for food items late is that you might not be able to find what you need. Consider how many people will be buying Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas hams. Don't be disappointed by not planning ahead.

  • Consider ordering a fresh turkey right at the meat section of your grocery store.
  • If you serve things like spiral-cut honey hams, think of ordering them early from a specialty store.
  • A meat supplier will more than likely be able to tell you what size turkey or ham you need for your group.
  • Be specific about the date and time that you need to pick your order up.

Plan For Extras -

Besides the traditional meats like turkey and ham that you will serve during the holidays, of course, you'll also need to think of other meals that you will be serving. For example, if you want a rich stew waiting for your guests when they arrive at your house, be sure to include stew meat when you order your ham or turkey. And, if you're known to make an outstanding hamburger, order plenty of ground beef. The meat supplier can also advise you on what kinds of meats are the best for grilling, baking and which meats do well in a slow cooker.