3 Types Of Emergency Water Containers To Consider And Their Benefits

11 May 2017
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Emergency water containers are a great resource for any individual that wants to prep for a disaster, but it can be difficult to narrow down which type of water container to purchase when you consider just how many different types are available. Listed below are three types of emergency water containers to consider and the benefits that each one provides.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular types of emergency water containers for those individuals that are looking for the sturdiest and most durable water containers. In addition to being extremely strong and durable, stainless steel water containers are also a fantastic option if you have limited space to store your water containers, mostly because they are strong enough to allow other items to be stacked on top of them without breaking. These containers are also going to be opaque, which means that light will not be able to reach the water and cause it to heat up or allow algae to form and spread within the water tank.


Another option to consider for your emergency water containers is glass, mostly because this option can provide you with a storage container that is very easy to sterilize and clean. In addition, the glass storage containers have the benefit of being impermeable, which means that fumes from other items that you may be storing in your emergency stockpile will not be able to penetrate the container and contaminate or affect the water in any way.

Food-Grade Plastic

Finally,  you should consider food-grade plastic for your water containers. The reason for this is that food-grade plastic is not going to have as many chemicals as normal plastic that can leach into your water supply and contaminate it. In addition, plastic water containers are ideal if you are attempting to put together an emergency water supply on a budget, mostly because these are the least expensive of the water container types.

Another benefit to this type of water container is the fact that it is going to be the lightest water container that you can get. This is ideal if you need to stack water containers on top of other materials or if you want to be prepared to evacuate the area in the event of a disaster and want to be able to easily take your water supply.

Contact an emergency water container supplier today in order to discuss the various types of water containers that are available to you which one would be the best fit for your particular application. Stainless steel, glass, and food-grade plastic are all great options to consider that offer their own unique set of benefits. For more information or assistance, contact companies like WaterBrick International.