Sample Some Wet And Dry Barbeque Rub Varieties

2 December 2019
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What types of food satiate your palate? Are you someone who enjoys the zest of citrus combined with smoky hints, or are you into intense heat, which cayenne peppers and robust spices are known for? Many people like to apply a wet or a dry rub to cuts of meat that are going to be barbequed. You should test out various wet and dry rubs to determine which one or ones you like the most.

How Are Rubs Prepared And Applied?

A wet rub consists predominantly of liquid ingredients, such as olive oil and lemon juice. A couple of dry ingredients can be added to the mixture to increase the flavor of the coating. A soft cooking brush is used to apply a layer of the liquid mixture to both sides of a piece of fish, a steak, a roast, or another type of meat.

A wet rub can also be slightly pasty in texture. This type of rub usually contains slightly more dry ingredients than liquid ones. The application process is the same, but using your fingertips to press against both sides of a piece of meat may be necessary, to ensure that the coating sticks.

A dry rub contains dry ingredients, such as pepper, garlic powder, salt, and onion powder. After mixing all of the ingredients in a bowl, your fingertips will be needed to press the mixture into both sides of a cut of meat.

How Can You Find Your Match?

Purchase several wet and dry rubs from a supplier like Butcher BBQ. Pour each variety into a bowl. Use a clean cooking brush to apply the liquid, semi-liquid, or dry ingredients to cuts of pork, veal, fish, beef, or any other type of meat that you are garnishing. Allow the meat to sit for a while if you would like the ingredients to permeate the surface of the meat and infuse the food with an intense flavor. After barbequing several items that contain a rub, sample them.

You may discover that you can easily detect hints of specific ingredients in each rub and that these tastes pair well with each piece of fish or meat that you have prepared. You may even be ready to explore other garnish options. Maybe you are a fan of garlic, but you also like the tangy taste of citrus or the bold taste of black pepper. By combining a small amount of several rubs, you can come up with a unique flavoring that will add the perfect hint of sweetness, saltiness, or heat that you are craving.