4 Fun Ways To Use Leftover Pickle Juice

20 March 2018
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Once you are done eating the pickles in your jar, you are more than likely going to be left with some pickle juice. After all, it is not like most people drink pickle juice when they eat pickles. However, just because you may not drink the pickle juice when you eat the pickles, that doesn't mean that you should wash the juice down the drain.

Use The Juice Instead of Vinegar

Pickle juice is made primarily out of vinegar, with some nice spices added to the mixture. When a recipe calls for vinegar, such as a salad dressing, instead of using vinegar, use up your pickle juice instead. Pickle juice is made out of vinegar and will work great in any recipe that calls for vinegar. This is an especially handy trick if you don't have any vinegar around.

Use The Juice to Make New Pickles

If you love pickled vegetables, don't let the pickle juice go to waste. Take some baby carrots and put them in the pickle jar. Slice up some red onions nice and thin and add them to the mixture. Then add a little cilantro to the carrots and onions. This mixture can be used on a hamburger, sandwich or even on top of some tacos or fajitas.

Use The Juice as A Marinade & Tenderizer

You can also use pickle juice as a marinade for steak or pork chops. Take the juice and add a little extra garlic and pepper to it, as well as some mustard mix and then brush it on the meat. This will help tenderize any tough cuts of meat that you purchase.

You can also marinade meat, such as chicken, in pickle juice. Just put the chicken in a bag, add some pickle juice, and let it sit overnight. Do not reuse the pickle juice after you marinate raw chicken in it.

As both a marinade and a tenderizer, you can add some spices to the pickle juice for your own unique mixture.

Spice Up Your Potatoes

Pickle juice can also add a great taste to your potatoes. You can take potatoes and soak them in a brine made out of pickle juice overnight, and then use the potatoes to make French fries.

Or you can add pickle juice to the water when you boil potatoes. The flavor will absorb into the potatoes as they boil, and reduce the need to use so much salt and butter on the potatoes when they are all done.

Adding pickle juice to your potatoes can give them a really nice little zing of flavor and depth.

Don't just wash that pickle juice down the drain. Use it to make some more pickled vegetables, use it as a vinegar replacement, tenderize and marinate your meat with it, and use it to spice up your potatoes. When you run out of pickle juice, just eat more pickles so you have more juice for all your handy new recipes. To learn more about easy ways to eat healthier, visit http://www.earthworkshealth.com.