3 Tips To Make It Easier For Your Kids To Drink Water

11 July 2017
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If your kids are small, they might usually rely on you to prepare their drinks for them. However, it might make your life a whole lot easier if your kids were able to prepare their own water, and it might encourage them to stay healthy and drink more water as well. These are a few things that you can try that can make it easier for your small children to be able to drink water when they want it:

1. Invest in a Water Cooler

One good option is to consider investing in a water cooler, similar to what might be used in your office at work. Then, your family will be drinking purified water, and the dispenser will probably be much easier for your kids to reach and control when they want water. Plus, you won't have to worry about them accidentally using too-hot water as they could with the sink. If you stack up a few cups near the water cooler, it should be easy to teach your kids how to prepare their own water. Plus, they might find that using the dispenser is so much fun that they will want to prepare water more often.

2. Put a Step Stool at the Sink

If you want your kids to use the sink to prepare their own water, consider putting a step stool at the sink so that they can do so. Just make sure that you teach them about not using the hot water faucet; you may also want to turn down your water heater to help prevent burns. Also, make sure that the step stool is steady to help prevent falls.

3. Put Pre-Bottled Water in the Refrigerator

One other good option is to put pre-bottled water in the refrigerator for your children to use when they want water. You can purchase bottled water, or you can refill refillable bottles. For best results, put them on a low shelf so that they are easy for your kids to reach.

Since you probably want your kids to be able to get their own water when they want it, you could be wondering if there are any ways that you can make it easier for them to do so. Luckily, one of these three options -- or a combination of the three -- should make it easier for your little ones to get their own beverages when they want them. Plus, being able to get their own water independently can encourage your kids to actually want to drink more water rather than sugary juices and other drinks that aren't quite as healthy.

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